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Each monthly Newlife News will feature subjects that directly and factually address the mind, body, and spiritual challenges and joys youth and families face from everyday lifestyles. You will read articles that speak out for the justice and unity of all human beings, and against any harm directed toward humanity. You will hear from the mouths of the young, the experiences of the adults among many different global cultures, and from the wisdom of elders who know first hand the hidden knowledge of the healing and maintenance mental, physical and spiritual well being.

How Newlife Considers It's News

Nlhh.org considers Newlife News – The Natural Life Leader because it steps up front in honest reporting and evaluating information that communicates to populations plagued by sickness to promote “a culture of healing and wellness.” Newlife News unequivocally is committed to self-healing wellness that is natural, loving and lasting. Let Newlife News be a part of your monthly reading routine because it is designed to lead every reader on a path of health and happiness.


By: Baiza R. Muhammad

Natural Health Specialist

If the world were to go on a 'Treasure Hunt' and the find would be (1) a pot of gold (2) diamonds of every shape (3) travel and fun things of every sort, and (4) the promise of perfect mental, physical and spiritual health forever! Which treasure would you choose? Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson, The Boy in the Bubble and many others wanted eternal good health. I know, there is nothing more precious than having a sound mind, strong body and divine spiritual awareness. I know, beyond any doubt, that it is only when 'doing the work' to make those fore-mentioned things operate at high efficiency can any human being understand what real purpose the possession of gold, diamonds, fun and travel have in the treasure chest of a "truly" healthy, happy, productive and prosperous earthly life. Yes. It is indeed a fact, many atrocities have taken place in the daily wakening of the human world involving-individual (constant) exploitation, family devastation, community decimation, national propaganda producing global tensions, epidemic diseases of every kind, and poverty in affluent (rich) regions of the earth. The most insidious of all the existing mis-guidance that "divides" the collective human family is over the reality of a "Unified" Creator (One Supreme G_d) of all creation.

There is no denying that the whole of humanity is in a fight for life, quality life, the longest period of an earthly life with the greatest spiritual rewards as the ultimate outcome when the final time of rest comes. This is your 'light' ray of growth when your great natural human "Power" flowers in strength (your resistance builds), faith takes shape (your firm belief), performance is perfected (your right and responsibility to take right actions), patience practiced (your endurance to let G_d guide the end result, and your promise is made (you will let nothing else mis-guide you with the false thinking that a quick fix will last "ironically" a lifetime.)

This is "Your Life". You've been granted ownership over your life and given all the treasures in creation to live it to the fullest extent of the best it has to offer. Take what you receive in knowledge, information and education at every opportunity to develop your intellectual rights to think and act as a sane, sound spiritual human being making only decisions that protect your treasures of life, multiply them, and spread them with beauty, abundance and balance where ever you pass them on. Wake up every day and thank the "One Supreme Creator" of all creation for a life worth living in service to such a "Majestic Force" and vow never again to give your treasures of health, happiness, and prosperity to unworthy humans you entrustment with your mental, physical and spiritual jewels. Your jewels have been tarnished by a greed-full worldly insaness. The "Your Life" workshop presented by Newlife Horizon House, Inc should be invited into every community, and every group looking to be free of the despair of living with self-preventable diseases, self-imposed poverty, and self-destructive choices all designed to deprive humankind of the greatest treasure, the jewels of a mentally G_d-conscious balance! The only key to unlocking your endowed treasure chest which opens to you all that is needed to produce physical, material and spiritual wealth and wellness.

Rid your thinking that you can't afford to enjoy the richness of life granted you in the many treasures of a natural world: air, sunlight, rain water, food and medicine from the earth and all places everywhere you hunt for them, are at your very finger-tips!

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