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30 Minute Series includes fourteen, unforgettable, books

30 Minute Series includes fourteen, unforgettable, books

Our Price: $34.95

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The updated hard back book "Bond of Tragedy: Understanding and Dismantling Racism is $34.95

The 30 minute Workbook Series includes twelve, eye-opening unforgettable, workbooks.

The 30 minute workbook series are new additions to the author's 1992 original hard back book “Bond of Tragedy” "Understanding and Dismantling Racism.” This is a powerful. updated, must read book designed to help readers work toward solutions specifically intended to understand and dismantle racism. The hard back book is only $34.95

The 30-Minute workbook series covers every aspect, in the truest sense, of how the healing of racial mental, physical, material and spiritual di-eases can be cured and its racial ills never again inflicted upon a new generation.

You are witnessing how predictions of dying un-natural deaths have a fear-gripping hold on populations, surely in America. In these modern technological times,The horrific human unrest haunting the world today does not have to continue.

You will be intrigued to find how the 30-minute workbook series provides sound, practical, unifying messages. Step-by-step, you will be inspired to think in ways uncommon and you will be motivated to take bold positive actions that promote respect, admiration, love and peace. You will be excited to try out what you learn from reading and studying the updated hard back book "Bond of Tragedy: Understanding and Dismantling Racism". And, you will be proud of the practices you implement from applying each of the twelve 30-minute workbook series. Each book carefully presents lessons explaining the trap of color. No fear will hold the readers
hostage to deceptions that have pitted humans one against another while they desperately cling to each other in their hope and help through all of life's interactions. Both the updated hard back book, and new addition paper back 30-minute workbooks tackles the greatest racist adversaries without the weapons of bloody warfare.

The powerful updated hard back book and the 30-minute workbook series strategically lays out a one-hundred (100) year plan toward human healing and harmony. Such a methodically written plan (that I know of) has never been authored as a way to guide those who have been separated for decades, back to their origins of human unity. The uplifting combination, solution-driven readings in no way is picking the bones of people given the color identity of “white” or the color identity of “black.” In fact, the original hard back1992 writing was printed, published and archived, but never released to the public. Why? Because it was clear that the public was not ready. to receive the idea of racial divide due to what in this author's term was an era of “comfort casualties”, a belief that the notion of world domination, at any cost, was a plan that could never be satisfied. Now, the world is ready and eager to accept the often quoted phase “The Truth will set you free”. You will get the truth in the combination updated "Bond of Tragedy: Understanding and Dismantling Racism" hard back book and our series of 30-minute paper back workbooks.

The updated hard back book "Bond of Tragedy: Understanding and Dismantling Racism is $34.95.

There are twelve 30-minute workbooks. Each paper back workbook is $12.95.

Receive number fourteen, a FREE daily planning self help, success check-up booklet when a complete set including the updated hard back book and the twelve 30-minute workbooks are purchased.

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