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Wellness Consultation

Wellness Consultation

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Wellness Consultation

If you or your family are concerned about improving the quality of wellness in your lives receive a consultation with our NLHH Natural Health Specialist. You will have a head-to-toe observation and evaluation. You will be shown how to recognize body signs and symptoms related to the consultation. You will be shown how to determine if there are wellness problems arising that you have the power and authority to prevent. You will be given a beginning wholistic plan you can carry out outlining ways you can change or enhance your wellness profile. The first head-to-toe consultation: $195.

Any followup written lifestyle change plans will be based on a $25 per hour scale.

Consultations are confidential, and are only conducted for the purpose of natural health and wellness lifestyle assessments designed to prevent, reduce and/or eliminate mind, body, and spirit dis-ease.

Be aware! The medical model has placed a value on every part of your body. For example: A pair of eye balls $1,525, skull with teeth $1,200, scalp $675, shoulder $500, coronary artery $1,525, heart $119,000, liver $157,000, kidney (1-only) $262,000, 1-pint of blood $357, gallbladder $1,219, and .10 cents per square inch of your skin at an average of 264 square inches or $24.4, all totaling a whooping $546,274.00 over one-half million dollars for just some of your body parts. How much value do you give to your body divinely created and designed to heal itself? Do you see yourself debating that two, three hundred or even a thousand dollars is too much of a value on your own self life? Or, you believe it is cheaper for your mind, body, and spirit to to be repeatedly sick? No! I don't think you really ever thought about the worth others put on you and then compete treacherously to get vital body resources. Well, we at NLHH know how precious you are. We know you are valuable to the young, families, communities, nations and the world. We will do everything we can to get you to see how powerful you are in your human makeup. We know you are able to make positives changes under extreme circumstances. We're working hard to help you along the path of retrieving your rights over your mind, body and soul. We know you do not have to turn your mind, body and spirit over to people who only see your life as a key on a cash register. Learn how to keep the wealth of your life. Pay your mind, body and spirit in longevity benefits. Keep you vital resources, your life, out of the pockets of those who dis-honor you and your life. Make a consultation appointment today. You will be elated that you are now in charge, respected, and valued as a human being.

Call: 404-290-9163 for an appointment.

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