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About New Life Horizon House Inc.:

NLHH, Inc. is a membership building organization. We want you to invest in yourself, your health, your well-being. Please, also read our "Frequently Asked Questions" section

Our mission:

Tap into life's positives as a powerful way to prevent, reduce, and eliminate negatives encountered by youth and families throughout the world.

Our Vision:
To implement the most strategic, innovative "100-year" written plan directed toward Healing and Harmony for the whole of humanity. Our sight and insight guides us to prevent, reduce and eliminate suffering and dis-ease where ever it exist.

Our Values:
We know humanity is "one" human community. We are unwavering in our believe that we can come to unity because the "mind" nature of our identity is "of intellect, to think" (etymology), The hearts that beats in each of us is the creed of our humanitarian ties. Together we can bring Newlife upon the horizon of present and future generations.

Our Motto:

"It Takes and Entire Nation to Raise a New Generation!"

We know that life-long habits and even short-term changes do not take place easily. Habits and changes take work, a deep trust and honest communication and collaboration between people from every sector of society. However, historical records prove that by pulling and pooling together, we can achieve amazing victories!

The outstanding people, board officers, volunteers, collaborators, and everyday supporters unite together to make Newlife Horizon House, Inc. do its captivating, energetic public service work. Every moment for NLHH, Inc. is a defining experience of joy, inspiration, and times of shear awe! Who are the NLHH, Inc. people? They are humanitarians, giving, by nature. Those who oversee how NLHH, Inc operates and achieve successes are also professionally top notch at what they do individually. Their Bio's read like famous Sherlock Holmes “Who Done It” cases. The innovative programs created, undertaken, and carried out arise always out of the expressed needs everyday people voice. Every program, past (since NLHH, Inc's official '2007' incorporation) and present is driven by the NLHH, Inc mission, vision, motto and values. Our 501(c)(3) tax exempt Internal Revenue Service status is not just a rubber stamp. This tax exemption ruling entitles the people we serve to receive the best we have to give. It is our promise to serve without prejudice toward any human person. Newlife Horizon House Inc. is about helping Solve Mind, Body and Spiritual Problems and daily distresses overwhelming individuals and the society at large. We work with and for the public on challenges that rob youth and their families of quality life, wholesome health, and active longevity. We accentuate purposeful, positive, and peaceful lifestyles throughout their lives. We invite you into our NLHH, Inc. loving family of committed leaders, capable advisers, loyal volunteers, and cooperative collaborators all of us working together with and for all whom we serve!

“Good and equitable leadership is the hallmark of productive, loyal followers who soon become inspired leaders” (BRM, 3/2017).

Baiza R. Muhammad, NLHH Founder & Executive Director

Dr. Baiza Muhammad has effectively engaged volunteers across three states: Chicago, Arizona, Atlanta.

Her own Volunteerism includes serving neighborhood associations, and the Old National Merchants Association as (Board officer and member (10 yrs), She was Vice President of her area Ponderosa Neighborhood Association (1997) Block Captain (present), and was voted Vice President of Education 6600 “Toastmasters International” Club - Recipient of 12-best speaker ribbons, 1 st & 2nd speech contest recipient, best table topic speaker, and received a Competent (CC) Communicator certificate (2013-2014): At Mary's Little Lambs daycare center she conducted a Toastmasters club for 6-12 year old children. She served as a "Victory Over Violence" team Leader and Consultant (1999), created and led several "Your Life" Presentations at churches, Masjid 's (Talim), and a zakat fund raising project (2008-2016), She took part in a Hindu Temple bi-annual medical Sai Health Fair screening organized by Dr. Sajadah Redding, NLHH initiated “Brown Bag Your Health” providing 200 free bags of organic fruit with inserts of "Ten tips before you put food on your lips" 2007), Dr, Baiza has Mediated for the Supreme Court of Georgia handling Juvenile cases over 14 years, and DFAC cases and for the Arizona Attorney Genaral's office on Juvenile court, Victim Offender, CIvil Rights, and registra of Contract cases (5-yrs). She took Code enforcer training and was a South Fulton area Appointee, and appointee to the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Board (by former Commissioner William “Bill” Edwards (2004-2007) who is now Mayor of the New City of South Fulton her residence and the NLHH, Inc location. Dr. Baiza volunteered at the Truly Living Well Urban Agriculture farms for 5-years (2009-2014). She learned how to lay out 10-backyard garden beds for growing organic food, flowers and plant herbs using rain water as her irrigation supply.

Baiza wrote journalist Bi-monthly Islamic Articles in the Douglas Daily Dispatch (1980-1982), in Douglas AZ served as an Adoption Consultant for the Casey Foundation and was employed at the Arizona Children's Home where she originated and implemented “Build A Bridge Day,” an annual event designed to find homes for older age (orphaned) children. She headed an extensive "One Church, One Child" program facilitating family/child adoptions, Dr. Baiza held Islamic presentations at a Synagogue, sat on Islamic and Rabbinical Panels (AZ, 1990's), She made presentations at the Florence maximum Security prison for men and taught history classes and prison prevention for 3-yrs, She hosted "Cultural Conversations" a Tucson Cable Television program (1996), and a Radio program titled African Beat (4-yrs). She served as Chaplin at the Fulton County jail for women (1yr) under Sheriff Jacqueline Barrett (GA). She has humbly received numerous awards some which include the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Award, Woman of the year award for "Victory Over Violence" from the Atlanta Black Clergy, and the Ambassador for Peace award and Crown of Peace plaque from the interreligious and International Federation for World Peace GA, 2004), The 1st Peaceweb International “Peacemakers" Award GA 2005), “Who's Who” among students Award (Tucson unified school district), nominee for “Sharing Human Cultures” KXCI Broadcast award, Icon Award for community activism with her picture artistically crafted on the outside wall of the Northwest Neighborhood center building, renamed the Donna R. Liggins Center, along with many other leaders who performed outstanding service for the broader Arizona community. Dr. Baiza is presently Host of a two-hour weekly blog talk radio program titled “Healing and Harmony for Humankind” every Monday evening live at 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM Listener Participation and guests.

Work Experience

in Chicago (1965-1978) her work included teaching at the University of Islam, and developer of the first U of I library system. She was a Writer, Projectionist Speaker and Interviewer for 5-R Films a Muslim owned and operated company, Dr. Baiza was Director of the Day Care Division for the School of Human Dignity and a “Black" Community Developer,"for the United Christian Community Services, She was Head Teacher for the Hyde Park Unitarian Cooperative School, Head Teacher for the 1st Gold Coast High Rise preschool program at Windermere Towers and was director of the Inner-City/suburban Chicago Head Start busing project. She worked as a Community Liaison for the Tucson Unified School District for the African American Studies Department which served over 3000 elementary students across 23-schools (1990-1995), Dr. Baiza was Executive Director of the Pima County Tucson Women's Commission Overseeing a budget of $90,000 to $136,000 annually. She was the first African American, Muslim woman ratified by the Pima County, Tuscon Mayor and council and County Supervisors of Tucson, Arizona, 1995-1996), She was a Peoplelinks Trainer of Trainers Drug Free Schools for Arizona State University, Cultural Diversity Trainer for the Tucson Attorney General's Office, Psychology Adjunct Faculty for Prescott College/Embly Riddle Aerospace college, Co-founder and Director of the American School of Human Dignity an ungraded, appropriate placement community school,

Entrepreneurial experience (Atlanta)

Dr. Baiza Owner and operator of 2-health food stores, and NLHH Wholistic Wellness Center (GA), and an Independent Consultant and freedom forum originator and leader. she is a Live food Chef, and originator of the One Day Cafe (2016), Dr. Baiza grew up in an entrepreneurial family. she has created, owned and/or operated businesses in Chicago, Arizona, and Atlanta over the past 57-years.

Academic Achievements: Two years of Early Childhood Education and Child Psychology, Kennedy King College, AGS General Studies and Early Childhood Education, Pima Community College, BA General Psychology, MA cross-Cultural Counseling Psychology, Prescott College. Doctoral Studies: Peace & Conflict Resolution, minor, Islamic Jurisprudence, Union Institute and University (5 yrs), ND Doctor of Naturopathy/PhD in Nutritional Health Clayton College of Natural Health (4yrs). Experience earned Degrees include Doctor of Divinity DD, and Doctor of Metaphysics DM. Baiza was married for twenty eight years and is the mother of three adult daughters, one adult son and grandmother to 11-grand children. Out of all that she has been blessed to experience, and herein is only a small portion, she gives all the praise to the Creator of all Creation for the fullness of her life and her many opportunities to serve humanity with fairness and faith.

Newlife Horizon House, Inc. Board Members and Advisory Council Members:

Mansa A. Muhammad, NLHH Inc. Board President

Unfortunately, we regret our former president has passed away. We are searching for a replacement who can carry on our mission and vision. For those interested in filling this position, please contact 404-290-9163.

Mrs Freida M. Smith NLHH, Inc Chief Financial Officer:

Founder and CEO of FDA Tax and Financial Services. Frieda is a Certified Tax Specialist, Licensed Health/Life Insurance Agent (home, auto, businesses, Associations & Health Care management, Licensed Sr. Medicare Advantage Agent, Licensed Securities and Investment Agent, Former IRS Agent for 23 yrs receiving Employee of the Year Award for every year employed and is an enrolled agent which allows her to represent taxpayers cases before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). She is on the Speakers Cadre for the IRS and gives several Record Keeping and Financial Seminars yearly. Frieda holds a B.S. in Education and M.P.A. in Public Administration. She is a Trainer of Trainers and Founder of “Bridging the Gap a senior citizen advocacy non profit, 501 (c)(3) Charitable organization, and has established Federal Non profits for other organizations. Frieda is a Presenter of numerous “Financial Workshops across Atlanta Georgia, And is an avid philanthropist, She Served as Financial Officer for Peace Web International and was an overseer of the organizations exit Audit Frieda employs family, community members and exposes youth to early understanding of ownership and wise wealth accumulation and distribution, and investments as well as accountability, consistency and people relationships, She is Founder of Partners in Ed an expansive “No Child Left Behind” program while during its duration Frieda operated programs in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina. Students received intensive tutoring by teachers paid the highest salaries as an incentive for them to execute educational excellence. Frieda is thorough and one who exemplifies a reputation of integrity. She is known for her hard work, do-diligence, and mastery at promoting her business through connecting personally with the South Fulton and Clayton County and greater Atlanta communities. She Provides a monthly news letter and, has appeared on radio and television numerous times.

Dr. Camille Scott, NLHH, Inc. Advisory Council Member

Dr. Camille Scott, D.C., MWS. Dr. Camille Scott holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree, Life University, Marietta, GA Masters in Wellness and Fitness MTSU, Murfreesboro, and Pre-Medical Biology, Spelman in College, Atlanta, Georgia CERTIFICATIONS include being Board Certified in Physiotherapy Modalities Certified In Activator Technique CPR Certified. Dr. Camille Scott, D.C, is a chiropractic doctor specializing in treatment of muscular-skeletal as well as neuro-muscular injuries, and treatment of nutriti onal disorders. She uses a variety of integrative techniques and takes a wholistic approach in treating pain to improve the function and quality of life of her patients. Her goal is to help her patients get better and stay well utilizing methods which involve alternative and naturopathic protocols. She consults with her patients towards compliance to assist the neuromusculophysio-skeletal system to reach its maximum potential and perform better. She coordinates chiropractic care and massage therapy, physiotherapy and homeopathics as an integrative wellness concept. She is passionate about patient care and prefers to co-manage with various doctors for a complete health care regime. Dr. Scott's current aspirations and focus include the specializing of her chiropractic applications work to personal injury victims, athletes, pregnant women, senior citizens and family care. Dr. Scott pursued the medical field as she discovered her appreciation for human physiology. After receiving her undergraduate degree in Pre-med Biology, she furthered her education with a Masters Degree in Wellness and Fitness to expand her knowledge in what is needed for the body to heal and be healthy. After many years of being a fitness expert, she completed a Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree. She defines Chiropractic as a practice that supports healing without drugs or surgery by adjusting the spine and other joints. This action increases the brain-body communication and the body gets better. She graduated with honors with each degree while participating in several research and wellness projects. She is a mother of three adult children. Her hobbies include ballroom dancing, skating, and singing. Her goal is to host a Chiropractic Doctor Program on a major network so that people can get a perspective and gain an appreciation of the various ways that chiropractic works. Dr. Scott aka Dr. YES as her practice is named “YES” Chiropractic Health and Integrative Wellness, Inc., will be instrumental in forming, organizing and participating in our program with the areas of wellness, fitness, and nutrition. Her abilities also include public speaking with language competency in both English and Spanish. She believes in educating and guiding Chiropractic and wellness interns Dr. Scott is a very warm and outgoing individual with a good heart. For these reasons and more, she is an asset to our organization.

Mr. K. Rashid Nuri, NLHH, Inc Advisory Council Member

K. Rashid Nuri, Founder & CEO Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture.

Sometimes your life’s mission is revealed in youth and you spend your life dancing in the passion of that vision. Rashid Nuri learned early that, “whoever controls your food controls you.” Rashid discovered his life’s passion in agriculture as a foundation for economic, political development. He has dedicated his career to agricultural development and food education around the world. Today, as Founder and CEO of Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture (TLW), Rashid is creating jobs, streamlining health care and building community, one vegetable at a time. TLW’s work of growing fresh, nutritious food in the inner city helps to mitigate chronic disease by teaching the health benefits of locally grown food, making healthier foods more accessible, and inspiring people to eat better. Rashid Nuri embodies the attributes of both the transformational and servant leader. His mission is to bring nutritious, fresh-picked produce to local residents through community supported agriculture makes him a pioneer in the U.S. urban agriculture movement. TLW has five farm sites in Metro /Atlanta, where they produce certified naturally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, employ 35 people, and support the growth of local business. The headquarters in East Point and Wheat Street Garden site, across the street from the King Memorial Center and Ebeneezer Baptist Church in downtown Atlanta, receive hundreds of visitors each year at weekly open air markets, educational programs in natural farming, gardening and nutrition, and summer camps for children. Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture is a leader in demonstrating urban agriculture as a sustainable solution for helping people to eat and live better. TLW shows that urban farms help grow better communities by connecting people with their food and the land, providing education and training, and modeling economic success in urban agriculture. TLW’s continuing partnerships and collaborations with area colleges and universities, the Atlanta Public School System, several corporations and other organizations, and he provides opportunities for urban dwellers to be one with the land while improving the economy and increasing employment.

About Rashid: Career, Education and Youth K. Rashid Nuri brings more than forty years of global food growing experience to TLW. Rashid observed local food economies around the world while managing public, private and community based food and agriculture businesses in over 35 countries, including Southeast Asia and West Africa. He now lends his experience to urban areas, promoting good nutrition, health and economic development. Rashid was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but as the son of a military officer, he really does not call any place home. Rashid attended 14 schools before his family settled in San Diego, California, where he attended high school. A stellar student and community leader, Rashid went on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Harvard and a Master’s Degree in Plant and Soil Science from the University of Massachusetts. During his college years, Rashid helped to install some of the first organic community gardens in San Diego. Following graduation, Rashid journeyed to Georgia, where he managed 13,000 acres of farm land for the Nation of Islam. Crops included cotton, corn, peanuts, soy beans and greens, in addition to cows and chicken. Later, he managed operations in Asia and Africa for the Cargill Corporation, a global agribusiness conglomerate. Following nearly a decade with Cargill, Rashid returned to the U.S. to become a Senior Executive in the Clinton Administration, serving as Deputy Administrator in the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Senior Advisor in the Department of Commerce. In his capacity as Deputy Administrator, Rashid had responsibilities for budgeting, finance, facilities, information technology and 2,200 employees. Rashid is a Board Member of Georgia Organics, the Atlanta Local Food Initiative and the Urban Food Abundance Movement. He is the father of seven children. Rashid and TLW in the Media Keynote Topics Transforming Communities through Urban Farming The Local Food Movement: What it Means to the United States Naturally Grown Food: Key to a Long, Healthy Life How to be a Leader and Innovator in Your Community and Country Presentations The Cycle interview on MSNBC, May 9, 2014.

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