$500 or more “Legacy Legend Leaf”

$500 OR MORE “Legacy Leaf” donation.
Your Legacy Leaf donation will h
onor someone you love or admire for the outstanding work or exemplary example he/she has made. The name of your legacy person, along with an amount of the donation will be inserted on or under our image of a leaf for 6 months. Legacy Leaf recipients will also be featured in a 'Special Edition' Newlife News - Natural Life Leader. You will also have an opportunity to tell worldwide listeners to our "Healing and Harmony for Humankind" Radio Broadcast your legacy story. We will host the broadcast twice a year on a special program titled: Spotlight your Legacy. If you would like to be a guest on that program, we must be notified by January first or December first of any year. Only one guest or maximum of three guests is allowable per Legacy donation period.

Please contact: 404-290-9163 for more information.